iPad Mini Tablet Most Responsive

iPad Mini Tablet Most Responsive
iPad Mini Tablet Most Responsive - Agawi cloud based gaming company announced the results of the test back on the touch screen . This time the test was to compare a tablet device to find the most responsive
Test called Touchmarks II was conducted on Tuesday ( 08/10/2013 ) by comparing the iOS -based tablet devices , Android , and Windows . As a result, the iPad mini be the fastest .
This test is done with Touchscope method , which measures the time lag when the user touches the screen to bring up the speed of the application that requested the user through touch .
The test results are shown in units of milliseconds . Minimum of 50 times the experiment is done on each device .
Minimum test through the App Response Times ( MART ) appears Apple has the advantage of others . iPad mini appears in the first rank , followed by iPad 4 .
Previously , the iPhone is also called more responsive than Android devices upper class . ( Read : More iPhone than Android Responsive Upper Class )
While Android -based devices can only be rated by Nvidia's third- Shield . Even the Galaxy Tab 3 is the final ranking of the responsiveness test results .
Slight difference seen between ratings of 1 to 4 , with a difference of a few milliseconds only. iPad mini with 75ms , followed by iPad 4 81 ms , 92 ms Nvidia Shield , and Surface RT 95MS .
The small amount that made the difference this time is called will be felt when the device is used for playing games or interactive music application ( mixing tool) . Two types of applications that require a high response rate .

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