HTC Evo Offer Free Data and Phone

HTC Evo Offer Free Data and Phone - You feel less affordable operator data plan ? There is good news a startup ( the company longer ) wireless data FreedomPop provide free data services throughout the lifetime of the phone .Reported by PhoneArena , Wednesday, October 2, 2013 , FreedomPop provide 500 Mb of data , 500 text messages and 200 minutes of calls per month for free .Not only that , if the user is not satisfied , the startup offers voive service upgrades and unlimited SMS at a cost of U.S. $ 10.99 per month equivalent Rp126.000 alone .The scheme is claimed to be saving 80-90 percent of the services of other operators . And if calculated easily , users will save U.S. $ 1,000 equivalent of Rp11 , 4 million per year .But great deals are only valid on certain devices . FreedomPop just bundling this offer on the HTC Evo Design FreedomPop version .The phone itself is priced U.S. $ 99 equivalent Rp1 , 2 million . The startup says it will continue to expand the service to various Android devices until the end of this year ." FreedomPop change the mobile market with the sole purpose of bringing better value to the consumer . Our mission is to ensure everyone has access to affordable , comfortable and getting a basic communications services , " said Stephen Stokols , CEO and Founder of FreedomPop .Wireless data firms that also offer free 4G data through the stew of empty carrier network .Yankee Group senior analyst , Rich Karpinski , praised the bid FreedomPop released . According to merge vioce cheaper price through mobile technology internet protocol ( IP ) memmunculkan new business and can provide options for consumers .Unfortunately, the offer can not be present in Indonesia.

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