Android Watches Made in Sony

Android Watches Made in Sony
Android Watches Made in Sony - Sony Mobile made ​​a surprise re- release of Android -based smart watches , Sony SmartWatch 2 . 

Compared to the previous series , the successor SmartWatch this second edition has had the advantage of water resistance .

Director of Marketing Xperia Sony Mobile Communications Callum MacDougall said , the user typically holds the phone many times in a day to read the message , check the time , see and make social networking updates , use your favorite applications , taking pictures , listening to music to playing video games .

" With this device , users can control the phone without the need to remove the phone from your pocket or purse , " Callum said during a press conference at the Jumeirah Hotel , Shanghai , China ( 06/25/2013 ) .Callum added to this device , the user can combine the form and function into one that is a multifunction watches , reminders , Android interface , and remote control handset . Social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook are also available in this smart timepiece .

Latest features from the previous successor is connectivity Near Field Communications ( NFC ) for pairing touch , especially with the latest mobile phone output anything Sony . With this feature , the phone can connect to a wireless headset , portable speaker , up to Sony's television output .

When try , waterproof watches are similar to normal hours on the market . The difference is, this watch has a number of features that distinguish the ordinary watches .

On the right side , this watch has a Power button ( still wearing OmniBalance design , similar to the design used in the Sony Xperia and Xperia Z Z Ultra ) . On the left side , there's only mobile phone that also used the USB plug to the power outlet .

This smart watches can last up to four days . If not used anything else , only serves as a clock , SmartWatch 2 can hold up to a week .

In front of the screen , watch chains made ​​from aluminum and aluminum body , this analog clock interface . There is no any button on the face of the screen , because it has the look like other Android phones , the Home button , Back button and an application to shift up and down .

On the touch screen , watch also has a number of functions that can be selected by sliding the screen like on other Android phones . Just because the screen size is only 1.6 inches , the screen resolution is only 220 x 176 pixels .

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