The New Application Features Three Leakage Line

Line Aplication
The New Application Features Three Leakage Line - Instant messanging application Line is now emerging in the world even in Indonesia, reportedly the user Line in Indonesia ranked five in the world.

Application developer company Line, Line Corporation revealed that they are interested in and will add several new features in upcoming products. No responsibility-responsibility, 3 exciting feature will exist in the application Line.

According to Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Line Corporation, Jun Masuda, later the Line user can listen to music together with other users.

Leakage which is the user most likely indicates that the Line can make the purchase of the goods. Expected users of Line can feel a new experience when you shop using the application Line.

And for leakage is the next Line feature allows all users of the application can call the bertatapan Line face fellow users via camera phones, called by the popularity of the Video Call.

According to Jun Masuda, the middle of three new features in developed and most likely will be presented by the end of 2013.

With what party Line Corporation adds new features, make instant messanging application competition will continue to heat up for the sake of satisfying and get users in large quantities.

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