Preview BlackBerry 9720

Preview BlackBerry 9720
BlackBerry 9720
Preview BlackBerry 9720 - BlackBerry back shows new products, Canada-based company introduced a mobile phone based 9720 BlackBerry OS 7.1.

Executive Vice President of BlackBerry Products, Carlo Chiarello, say, 9720 is ideally suited for users who want to upgrade from mobile phones or mobile phone features Android and Windows Phone.

"This is the perfect product for customers who want to upgrade from your mobile phone, or mobile phone features Android and Windows Phone entry level, who want a richer experience and support the style as well as performance," said Chiarello, as quoted from CrackBerry.

Seen from the design side, a physical keyboard 9720 similar to BlackBerry Q5 and is available in a selection of colors. The screen of 2.8 inches on 9720 has supported the touch screen, but the phone is still equipped such physical trackpad navigation buttons, as well as the phone button, menu, back, and power.

Mobile phones supplied only a single processor 9720 core Tavor MG1 806MHz, 512 RAM, 5MP rear camera and battery 1,450 mAh. The internal memory is only 512 MB supplied but can be expanded with an additional MicroSD memory card.

Because has used the operating system BlackBerry OS 7.1, this phone supports Voice features of BBM allowing users to make a phone call with a Wi-Fi connection and FUEL social networking Channel which can be downloaded from the BlackBerry World.
BlackBerry promising 9720 will be available in the Asian market on the fourth weekend in August of 2013, and targeting the mid-market segment downward.

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