Facebook Released A New Feature To Embed Post

New Feature of Facebook
Facebook Released A New Feature To Embed Post -Often times while walking in a virtual world by visiting your favorite sites, find the content inside are photos, videos and even the newest is the tweet. The purpose of the writer is content that menambahan more pemperjelas article on write.

To be able to put up a tweet and video content that is required is to visit that page (YouTube and Twitter) and look for the embed feature in each of the content, so it is easy to paste in the content of the article.

Facebook also seems to not want to miss from its competitors YouTube and Twitter, because Facebook recently launched a feature that allows Facebook users to post content from Facebook post to website.

New Feature of Facebook

This feature is useful for showing the Facebook post directly on the website in the embed, post can also be for passion and share directly to Facebook without having to open it first.

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